How can we get to a utopic world now?
There is a lot of entertainment on dystopic futures. There are many arguments for saying, we're already there.

The alarm has been going off by 'crackpots' (as the muggles call them), for years. 
Scientists, activists, artists, theologist, philosophers, entertainers and the common folk are sounding the alarms. 

Yet most of us still live in ways that contribute to this future we don't necessarily want to come to be. How is this discord even possible? The idea of "frogs in a kettle being slowly brought to a boil won't jump out" comes to mind.

We were born into this. This isn't about self-blame or even blame to those who came before us. There is a healthy trajectory available. Doing what each of us can on an individual level can add up in value, weight, and momentum.  

A couple sayings come to mind, "Non-participation in anything you perceive as evil." Einstein once said. 
"Vote with your dollars." also come to mind.

Things do change toward a healthier better future. There is no big evil ultimate conspiracy forcing the world down a dark destructive path. 

What positive things we can do on a moment-to-moment basis?

Like a walking meditation, if we don't stay on that path or forget we're on it,
there is no need to criticize ourselves, just notice our attention has wandered and start counting our breath again. And if our focus does stay for some arbitrary amount of breaths, like 10, just start over. It's not a contest with yourself or others to see how long you can stay in the's a process of being present.

So what are these things?
What are some resources available?
Who is moving the world forward in a positive way?
Is it even possible to live a healthy life without compromising our comfort/way of life/standard of living?

What can I do now?